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Our History

At MRC, we are proud to be known for putting our clients first and being actively involved in our local communities.

How We Got Our Start At MRC

Our History

MRC was founded by Bob Leone in January 1994 with the intention to provide unparalleled customer service and help businesses grow and maximize their work efficiency. Since then, MRC has grown into a leading technology provider helping companies increase productivity while reducing costs with offices that span the length of the West Coast from Napa all the way to San Diego and beyond.

Mr. Leone led Mr. Copy, a local San Diego office company, before it was acquired by Xerox Business Solutions in October 2009. In early 2019, Rabbit Office Automation, Xerox Hawaii, Zoom Imaging Solutions, and SoCal Office Technology joined forces with MRC. Now, with the addition of Inland Business Systems, MRC has the availability to service more of Northern California, Hawaii, and Reno. This growth allows MRC to provide cutting edge technology solutions to over 15,000 customers, and have more than 25 years of combined experience!

Our Team

Our History

With Bob Leone as MRC’s president, he provides the leadership that’s needed to create an environment where individuals can thrive. Mr. Leone encourages his employees to focus on their personal and professional development, which is evident in MRC’s core values of being committed to enriching our employees’ lives. We have been able to achieve a level of excellence by upholding employee-centered values and making local decisions with the support of a well-respected parent company.

What Does MRC Do?

Our History

We specialize in office systems and workflow solutions. Our dedication to customer services has enabled us to become Xerox’s largest Agent Sales Partner in the United States. At MRC, we can provide our clients with Xerox products, infrastructure, and support, and we have the capability to work with different businesses from a wide range of industries, no matter their size.

We help our customers increase productivity and profits by providing State of the Art Document Technologies with Integrated Service and Solutions. MRC is a forward-looking company, meaning that we are constantly looking to become better. The innovation we bring to our document systems, software, and integrated solutions is unmatched while not sacrificing our dedication to delivering high-quality customer experience. In order to accomplish this, we partner with world-class innovators and value-added suppliers and hire the best talent.