Paper processes are engrained in most businesses, but as the waves of environmental change increase, it is time to also increase our productive abilities. By moving away from manual paper-based processes we are able to transform our workflows with automation. We understand in some industries or job functions, having paper processes are still completely necessary, but it’s time to stop letting paper hold you back. You can turn your paper processes into simple scan workflows that allow you to move quicker and stay more organized. Here are the top 4 apps, that integrate with software you’re more than likely already using, to help you stop moving at the speed of paper.

Xerox Connect App for Microsoft ExchangeWith the Connect App for Exchange Online, you can send documents to your contacts in as quick as 3 steps. Open Exchange Online App, Select Recipients, and Scan. You are connected to your Exchange Online account, giving you complete access to all of your personal and global contacts, while also letting recipients receive from an address they know and trust. The app is backed by all of the security and data loss prevention you are familiar with and have come to expect from Exchange Online.

Xerox Connect App for DocuSign Inc.

Already using DocuSign? Time to cut out the middle man, with the Xerox Connect App for DocuSign you are able to eliminate the extra step of using a computer or mobile device and log directly into your account at your multifunction device. Not using DocuSign, maybe it’s time to consider it because 70-80% of improvement in efficiency is achieved by replacing manual processes with electronic signature solutions, according to Forbes. With the seamless Xerox integration to your DocuSign account you can print, scan, save drafts, send to recipients, and create new envelopes all without ever having to leave your multifunction device, bringing the speed and convenience of the digital world to paper documents before your eyes.

Xerox Connect App for iManageinc.

Stop drowning in document management and start effortlessly organizing your case files so you can do more. Seamlessly connect to your iManage account and transform your case files through digitization, you can create searchable PDF/A documents, copy, browse, and print files all at your multifunction device. As simple as Log In, Scan or Search, and Print, the perfect match of the security you expect from iManage and the streamlined workflow you’ve come to know from your ConnectKey® Technology-enabled device.

Xerox Forms Manager App

The Xerox Forms Manager App allows you to reduce the number of manual steps that you’re used to performing in order to keep your files organized. Transform your complex, paper-heavy processes to a simple scan and go routing process, all possible from a simple QR code. By pre-defining recipients during the QR-code set up you are able to scan (even out of order) and know your documents are being put in the right place. What’s next? Accessing your documents is just as easy, all files are accessible via the cloud and ready to print when you are.

Ready to increase your workflow efficiency? With Xerox ConnectKey Technology-enabled devices your multifunction device becomes your workplace assistant and brings your workflows to the speed of digitization. Stop wasting time and start moving at the speed of digital, let’s connect today!