Transitioning to a paperless office has become a very common business trend. There are multiple reasons businesses can benefit from the decision to eliminate paper usage. Sometimes the easiest way to transition your company can be one department at a time. One department in particular that we have seen over and over again benefit from a paperless document management solution is Human Resources. We’re here to help you understand what paperless solutions are available for the Human Resources department and the employee benefits your organization can expect to receive. 

Challenges of Manual Human Resource Workflows

Why transform current HR processes to digital? Your Human Resources department can be one of the most manual, paper-based areas of your organization. Without realizing it, your organization may be weighed down by the following current issues associated with manual workflows:

  • High operational costs per employee
  • Human errors
  • Long turnaround times
  • Lack of visibility into file history
  • Missing files
  • Employee frustration
  • Wasted office space

Processes that Can Benefit from Transitioning to Digital

Onboarding / Offboarding

Onboarding is the first process a new hire gets to see their new company perform. It sets the tone for how efficiently a company runs and what kind of processes to expect to see in the future. We all know the dreaded day one paperwork stacks, but why force your new hire to spend hours filling in the same information on multiple forms, instead of helping them hit the ground running in their new role? 

With a paperless onboarding system, that process can go a lot smoother and quicker than a typical manual onboard. The HR forms can be filled out by the new hire on his or her own time through their own login portal. Each member of the HR department can easily track where a new hire is in the onboarding process and help them move forward faster. No more searching for physical HR documents and having file cabinets to share office space with, find any file within seconds by just typing in searchable information of an employee. This paperless process also helps by reducing the margin for human error. Managers of other departments can be given access to see the onboarding progress of those whom they have hired without bothering the HR department. Not only will your new hire be thankful you have a digital document system, but so will your entire HR team. 

When you start the digital process at the beginning of an employee’s life cycle within your company, it also helps the offboarding process become simplified as well. By using a digital filing cabinet to house your employee records it is easy to find each employee file and direct the necessary HR documents where they need to go in less time than ever before. The use of a digital offboarding process will lead to a more seamless and compliant approach.

Employee File Management

With digital documents the storage of confidential employee information will remain organized, secured, and easily accessible whenever needed. Once a document management system is in place, the HR department will continue to have all employee information in one centralized location. This makes it easier to comply with policy standards. Notifications can be generated to ensure all required files are accounted for. A retention policy can be put in place to save information for as long as compliance requires. In case of an audit, an auditor can be given limited access to the document management system instead of collecting, printing and organizing files manually. You can designate the level of access each person has to the HR system, this maintains higher security for sensitive information while also keeping the team on the same page with clear visibility of each employee. Many document management solutions can also integrate with basic HR software such as ERP, HRIS and HCM systems like Oracle®, Lawson®, SAP®, Workday® and others. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, migrating employee files to a digital system can reduce overall costs per employee as well as increasing employee satisfaction.

Employee Evaluations

If your employee evaluation process involves gathering insight from multiple people throughout your organization then a paperless HR software solution is what you need. By having your evaluation documents or surveys completed and stored digitally they can easily be accessed and added to without the document ever needing to be physically moved. Additionally, the digital system can help identify similarities and differences between evaluations, highlighting consistency and helping to provide necessary praise or correction during the live evaluation. These reviews can then be added to the employee’s folder housed in your new digital filing system, helping you maintain electronic records for years without taking up precious office space.

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How to Transition to Paperless

Accomplishing the above workflow automations can be done through the use of: 

Cloud Technology

Get rid of your physical HR filing cabinets and embrace a document management system. Cloud systems help eliminate the additional costs incurred by having to store physical documents while also allowing your teams to work more efficiently.  

E-signature Software

View, save, sign, and return. Implementing the use of e-signature software transforms all of your most important document processes into seamless digital workflows. The use of e-signatures allows for easier tracking on document completion while also providing a secure platform for the documents to live in before, during, and after completion. 

Digital Forms

By implementing electronic document and record management systems into your processes, both the employees filling them out and the HR team reviewing the form can be more efficient. Digital forms can help automate the input of repetitive data, reducing the time it takes to complete the form and human error. While on the back end, using digital forms will help automate look up and submission processes, leaving everyone involved happy.

Choosing to go digital can be a huge step for any organization. By making the decision to start with one department at a time, it can help remove the fear any employees may have about the change. Using paperless HR software will take your HR workflows to the next level, contributing positively towards the efficiency of the HR function as a whole. 

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