So you’ve realized that your organization isn’t managing printing costs as efficiently as it could be. The cause of this could be from IT being overwhelmed while being tasked with controlling your print infrastructure, your company expanding quickly just picking up new contracts on the way, or maybe you never set any rules in place to start. Regardless of how your printing environment got out of control, the answer to getting back to increasing productivity is by finding a Managed Print Services (MPS) Provider. Choosing an MPS provider is like choosing a business partner, both can have long term impacts on your organization and its workflows. Making the decision to hire an MPS provider for your organization is a big one, but it can save you time and money by cutting inefficiencies, so when looking for your new partner keep the following qualities in mind:


#1 Additional IT Support

IT tends to be one of the most common departments that are understaffed and overwhelmed with workload. One typical benefit of implementing an MPS program into your organization is that your IT department will see a decrease in Help Desk tickets related to minor printer malfunctions. Maybe your IT team handles more than just printer malfunctions, take this off their plate so they can focus on keeping your networks secure and your employees productive by looking for an MPS provider that can offer additional IT support. An MPS provider can support your whole print infrastructure by offering on-site support such as toner cartridge replacement, loading onsite drivers, changing feed rollers, and performing other proactive or reactive maintenance on your printer fleet. 


#2 Scalability

Whether you are a small business about to hit your growth phase or are already a national company with offices in many different states, it is important to find an MPS provider that can grow and adapt with you. Finding a service company that can manage your printing growth, especially on a national scale, will help you save time and money through a more secure and manageable printer fleet.    


#3 Security

An organization’s multifunction and printing devices are often overlooked as being vulnerable to cyberattacks, but they are actually a common entry point for hackers. It is crucial to find an MPS provider that creates and implements a print strategy for security of your devices and cloud-based documents. Your MPS provider can increase the security of your printer fleet by consistently updating drivers and print software, as well as by incorporating print security risk assessments and incident planning into IT policies. 


#4 Maintenance Offerings

Just like any other device, multifunction printers do have a lifespan. They get old, they run slower, they break. What happens if one of your printers’ breaks? Instead of letting it slow down your employee’s daily operations, find an MPS provider that will help diagnose and fix the printer or even replace it. Some MPS providers include maintenance within the monthly payment and some even offer guaranteed printer replacements, make sure to ask what your new business partner can offer you. 


#5 Billing Models

One of the most prominent benefits of an MPS provider is the cost savings that comes from your print environment being managed and transparent. It’s important that you find a print provider whose billing and invoicing follow these approaches as well. Regardless of the billing model your provider uses, no invoice should come as a surprise, some common models include:

  • Fixed
  • Cost-per-click
  • Transactional

In conjunction with transparent billing, your MPS provider should also be able to provide breakdowns of usage and print cost saving, as well as other insights and recommendations about your printing environment. 

Overall the first step in your process for finding your newest business partner should start with an assessment. Find an MPS provider who will take the time to perform a thorough assessment of your business and completely understand your unique operation. It’s important to remember no two businesses are the same and your MPS provider should find solutions based on your printing needs. Find an MPS provider who can show you their repertoire of satisfied customers. Your MPS print solution won’t be exactly the same as theirs, but you can see that they are able to satisfy many unique organizations and yours can be one of them. Just make sure to ask questions about the five topics above and you will be on your way to a more effective print environment in no time.