Industries That Can Benefit From Managed Print Services

Virtually any business on earth would stand to benefit from some well-applied efficiency, but for some industries, even a small change can be revolutionary. Technology has always been a bridge between “small business” and “big business” when properly leveraged, removing common bottlenecks and obstacles through smart automated planning, reduction of waste, and faster turnaround times for important workflows. 

One of the most common “sticking points” for industries with a high volume of data and customer flow comes in the form of paperwork. Whether it’s printing, scanning, signing, or duplicating, industries that need multiple pieces of paper for each customer can quickly become overwhelmed or backed up. For these scenarios, managed print services (also called MPS) provides a much-needed respite from the tidal wave of papers, production, and coordination typically required of employees wrestling with a printer network. So in order to determine the industries that use the most paper, or what industries print the most, it’s just a matter of following the (literal) paper trail. 



Healthcare Industry and Medical Services

From treatment consent forms to insurance billing, the medical industry requires a great deal of paperwork, even with a robust reliance on digital data. A managed print service strategy can take a great deal off the proverbial plate for busy healthcare industry workers, ensuring they have the backup reams of paper needed for a historically busy week in an ER, or plentiful toner for print-heavy insurance billing days. 

For busy clinics and offices, even a single malfunctioning printer can cause significant scheduling and appointment backup – which is why MPS troubleshooting and device maintenance can be as much of a lifesaver as the efforts of the doctors, nurses, and specialists that rely on it. With certain privacy laws like HIPAA in place, it also benefits medical clinics to source their printing security to MPS experts, who can then work with them to keep patient data safe from prying eyes while printing. 



Lawyers and Legal Services 

Even though “e-signing” has existed for many years, contracts are still printed on physical paper and sent via rush couriers for signatures and notary seals. They offer better assurance for both parties and tend to be easier to submit in court in case of disputes – which means at any given law firm, you can likely hear a multifunction printer earning its keep. Just as with healthcare workers, a busy firm is dealing with many time-sensitive deadlines and filing requirements, which means that broken printers can quickly cause catastrophes.

Using managed print services makes perfect sense for legal offices, as they provide a steady flow of supplies, maintenance, and peace of mind that when a document needs to be printed, it will print. The reliability factor is one of the greatest benefits of managed print services. Because this industry also deals with a great deal of confidential documents by necessity, the security of MPS secure print oversight also assists firms in staying in compliance with regulations, and gives them peace of mind they can pass on to their clients. Plus, an MPS can also protect your printer against hackers who may try to access your sensitive information.



Graphic Artists and Advertising Agencies

From banner mock-ups on wide-format printers to decks of photo layout possibilities, printed materials as a medium remains an important part of client collaboration for marketing and advertising agencies. Print media, after all, remains a crucial part of large-scale advertising efforts, and that means that a printed “proof” copy is necessary before finalizing a campaign. Without reliable access to a printer that’s properly calibrated for color and well-stocked with ink, an agency risks approving a visual campaign that doesn’t hit the mark.

Managed print services can help agencies identify their resource needs and ensure they never run out of paper or toner while they’re racing towards a print deadline. Because their printing needs can change drastically depending on their client rosters, MPS can also assist with finding the right multifunction printers to hold up to ever-changing demands within a company. 



Auto Dealerships and Realty Agencies

While car sales and home sales are obviously distinct, their printing demand volume and functionality demands actually have a lot of overlap. Both need to print sheets or packets with pertinent information and images, both need to print contracts and financial documents, and both need to prepare thick folders of documents when a sale is made. The faster and more reliable the printers and printing services they have available, the more efficient that sale process can be. 

When properly managed, the printing output of both industries offers a consistent, attractive, and professional visual “sales pitch” for potential clients: true colors in images, easy-to-read lettering, and crisp, high-definition printing for window sales sheets in cars and home detail packets for open house tables. 



Education and Schools

From elementary schools through colleges, each and every student requires a staggering amount of paperwork and printed materials throughout their educational tenure. From study packets and photocopied worksheets to schedules and tuition bills, the educational industry is one that requires constant and consistent access to printing. Managed print services help learning institutions determine how many printers they’ll need for their student body, and where those printers should be placed. Schools have a high demand for digital printing. An MPS can meet the print demand and ensure that everything is running how it should.

In addition to communal printers for educator and office use, MPS can also help keep library or study hall printers stocked with toner and in good working condition. For institutions of higher learning, MPS can also incorporate swipe card or key card access to “gate” printing capabilities or charge per-print fees to student accounts. This helps prevent potential abuse of printing or paper waste, particularly for non-educational / non-approved purposes like private campus event flyers. 



Summary: Why MPS Is Valuable For Your Business

While these are some of the industries that use the most paper, there are many others that can also stand to benefit from the reliability, cost-savings, and dependability of managed print services. If a printer is an integral part of office workflows, it’s essential to have it serviced regularly and stocked with appropriate paper and toner as often as possible: MPS handles both points quickly and easily. An important part of a comparative advantage approach in the workplace, MPS providers concentrate on what they do best – maintaining your business printer(s) – so that you can focus on what you do best: delighting your customers. 



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