Did Smart House Predict the Future of Workplaces?

We’ve all seen the movie Smart House, and if you haven’t just picture owning every appliance possible that connects with your Amazon Echo or Google Home. It has been 20 years since that movie came out and we are discovering how spot-on of a prediction it was to our world today, demonstrated by the fact that over a quarter of US adults now own a smart speaker*. As technology continues to move forward, millennials (born in the internet era) are filling more job roles, and the mobile worker has become more common, it can be easy to feel like your company is falling behind. Traditional ways of doing things may feel comfortable and keep you from wanting to change, but are those traditional work styles still the most productive and secure?

A fundamental shift is underway.

By the end of 2019, spending on digital transformation and the creation of more intelligent workplaces is expected to reach $1.7 trillion worldwide, up 42% from 2017. (Source: IDC)

Whether your organization is a digital follower, digital adopter, or digital leader it is important to know. By understanding where you are, or aren’t, in your digital transformation process it can help you answer a multitude of questions:

  • How does my business rank amongst my competitors?
  • How can my employees be more efficient?
  • How can I attract the millennial workforce?
  • How can I be better protected against cybercrime?

It can often be hard to tell if your company is staying up to date on the “latest” technology trends. It can also feel risky to try and keep up with every trend. The below 10 questions can help guide you to an understanding of how intelligent your workplace is:

  1. Can employees easily access information across departments in digital formats?
  2. Are documents scanned, filed, and archived electronically?
  3. Have you automated steps in most of your processes that used to be paper-based or manual?
  4. Do you have measures and protocols in place to make sure your print infrastructure is secure and compliant?
  5. Do you have full visibility of your total print-related costs?
  6. Do your employees need to put in a password or use card authentication at the printer to print or scan documents?
  7. Do you have an MPS solution in place to manage your printers/supplies and control costs?
  8. Can employees access and share key information anytime, from any place while they’re on-the-go?
  9. Do employees have the digital tools they need to get work done quickly?
  10. What is your approach to office technology adoption?

If you don’t feel confident in self-determining where you stand, you can head to the full 3-minute digital workplace evaluation found on xerox.com:

What Are Your Next Steps?
So, you’ve deemed your organization as a digital leader, this means your company is a part of the top 5% digital transformers. It’s great that your company is ahead, but digital transformation is itself always transforming, meaning there are always opportunities for you to optimize and evolve. Here are a few tips from Xerox Intelligent Workplace Services to keep your mind moving towards the digital transformation finish line:

Identify which processes have yet to be transformed and place attention on updating them
Focus on providing fast, easy, and secure access to data, with cloud integrations, in order to keep your workplace diverse and collaborative
Never take the strength of your current security structure for granted, and never stop evolving here
Did you discover that your organization is more of a digital adopter? You may be making some good progress on the journey of your digital transformation, but there are still some obstacles to get over in order to see it all come together. You may want to consider these suggestions from Xerox Intelligent Workplace Services to keep you moving towards your digital goals:

  • Take some time to delve deeper into analytics – sign up for a digital assessment to better understand your next target areas of transformation
  • Place an emphasis on finding ways to automate processes in order to keep your workplace moving forward in a collaborative manner
  • Ensure you don’t overlook security features as you digitize processes
  • Use a process or partner that matches the speed and scalability of your workplace

Did you learn that you are further behind than you’d like to be? That makes you a digital follower. Don’t be worried the next stage may be closer than you think. Xerox Intelligent Workplace Services has a road map that can help you navigate your digital transformation and bring you into the 21st century. This journey has 3 main stops:

  1. Analytic and Data-Driven – identify opportunities for cost savings and productivity through the process of assessment, optimize, automate (AOA)
  2. Implement a security strategy that helps track devices, prevent intrusions, and protect your documents & data
  3. Support both IT and mobile workforces with customizable cloud technologies

For more details on Xerox Intelligent Workplace Services check out this video:

With Xerox Intelligent Workplace Services (IWS), you can take the leap into a digital transformation that brings your company an increase in both productivity and security. With IWS your mobile workforce will feel just as secure and connected as those working in an office location, while the convertibility and collaboration will be endless for all. While the movie Smart House may have taken a negative turn, Xerox technology won’t. Get ready to transform your business before your eyes, to ensure better experiences for employees and better outcomes.

* https://techcrunch.com/2019/03/08/over-a-quarter-of-u-s-adults-now-own-a-smart-speaker-typically-an-amazon-echo/