Do you dream in black and white? We didn’t think so. What about in color? Or do your dreams come across so vividly they feel like reality?

Remember that picture you saw of the beautiful diamond necklace in the magazine at the grocery store – did it sparkle and shine like it was tangible right there in front of you? Did it feel like you could reach out and touch it? Did the gold embellishments on that New Year’s Eve Party invitation jump start your imagination to how magical the night could be? Or did that billboard of the night sky on a camping trip in Yosemite remind you how serene and magical the outdoors can be?

These aren’t just dreams, these are the realities when you print with Gold, Silver, White, and Clear inks.

Has the Xerox Iridesse Production Press seemed too big of a step for you? You’re in luck, Xerox® has launched an all-new way to see your prints shine, Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology. This dynamic, flexible accessory can be added to your C70 printer at any time, so you can augment your traditional offerings with glimmering golds, eye-catching silvers, versatile layers of white, plus, elegant clear accents.

How It Works

With 3 easy steps, you can make all of your prints pop. The Xerox® Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology offers swap-and-go simplicity to help you juggle dozens, maybe hundreds, of print jobs every day. This addition to your current Xerox Device enables you to offer more enhancements without sacrificing the benefits of short-run digital printing. It’s time to stop limiting your imagination and instead let it run wild. Start capturing the essence of each print, reach new markets, and achieve your dreams in the process. Because who says printing isn’t powerful?