1. Educational institutions are always looking for ways to improve their levels of efficiency, especially when it comes to teacher and student relations. According to an IDC Survey, 23% of education faculty and staff in the U.S. cite “course material compilation” as amongst the most inefficient processes. The new Xerox Blackboard App offers a solution that will increase productivity for both teachers and students by integrating with your Multi-function Products (MFP). This new application works to bridge the gap between hardcopy documents and Blackboard by providing direct access to digital documents.

    What is the Blackboard Connect App?

    The new integration for Xerox MFP’s is a way to help ease the process of scanning and sharing hard copy course materials between students and teachers. When the Xerox Blackboard App is installed on your Xerox MFP, teachers will be able to scan hard copy course materials directly to specific course folders within Blackboard Learn. This streamlined process cuts down the old way of scanning from 5 steps to 3.





    How the Blackboard App Changes Educational Environments:

    Being a teacher, you are constantly surrounded by stacks of paper. It is easy to lose them, destroy them, and upload them incorrectly. The Blackboard Learn App eliminates the towering stacks that take up space on your desks by streamlining the process. You will be able to quickly upload physical papers into their correct folders and become instantly more organized. By taking this time-consuming and complicated process and simplifying it to a tap-and-scan process we are enabling our teachers more time to focus on their students.

    This app also works towards improving processes on the students’ end. With the app apart of all school printers, it gives students the ability to merely scan assignments in for submission. This will reduce the problem of lost homework assignments and confusing submission processes.

    By decreasing the number of potential complications on both the teachers and students end your educational institution is promoting collaboration. High collaboration then leads to an automatic increase in learning outcomes. Get the Blackboard App today so you too can begin promoting teacher and student collaboration and focus on the true importance of school, learning.

    To learn more about Xerox Connect Applications, which devices are supported, and how to make the most out of your office environment please contact MRC Smart Technology Solutions today.