When organizations are taking inventory of their expenses, printer maintenance and supplies are often considered, however the entire print environment tends to go overlooked. Print infrastructures that are left unmanaged can lead to annual associated printing costs of 1-3%. Printing and paper processes are still a foundational workflow for a lot of businesses, and it’s likely that the print environment may not ever entirely be eliminated. As a result, it’s extremely important for organizations to invest in quality printer fleets and a print management solution to compliment them. Without a proper management system in place your print environment can cost your organization more than you expect in the following areas:


Unnecessary/Excessive Use

If you have unauthorized and unmonitored printers it’s likely your employees are wasting hundreds of prints or just using an excess of color ink each day. You may have an employee who never runs a test page before attempting to print a final productor another that prints all their emails out in color. With print management software you can set up rules that help reduce wasted prints, such as automatic double-sided printing or a default setting to black and white instead of color. 



You probably track your spending on office supplies, but are you aware that you’re having to purchase more than what should be needed? When your print environment goes unmanaged there is a higher chance that employees are printing for their own use, wasting prints, of paper jams occurring, and other instances that cause more supplies to be consumed than necessary. It can also be common to purchase the wrong printing supplies, as the difference between two toner models can be as simple as a single digit difference. Often these wrong orders just get tossed into closets, leading to surplus printing supplies piling in offices and storage closets. Both challenges, too much supplies being used or stockpiling wrong supplies lead to wasted money and increased downtime. 



When your printers are down, more than likely so are your employees. How long does it take for an employee to report a printer being out of use? Are they able to go directly to IT for help, or do they submit a ticket request and wait hours or sometimes days? The ratio of prints to copies is now 4 to 1, showing how vital printing is to the everyday efficiency of your employees. With an MPS provider you can reduce the time your employees are waiting on printers to be back up and running so they can continue their critical printer related processes.  


High Energy Usage

Are your printers the right type for your office environment? Having the wrong printer for your office can be just as costly as a consistently down printer. It is not only important to make sure your printer is best suited for the types of prints your office does most, but an energy inefficient device is also something to watch out for. When you have experts in managed print services analyzing your printing environment you are more likely to get the printers best suited for your business needs. 


Unsecured Devices

As printing devices get smarter, connecting to the cloud and helping digitize our document processes, they also become an entryway for hackers. Not taking the time to ensure your printers are backed by the best security systems can leave your crucial documents exposed and other areas of your organization vulnerable. Without a managed printing environment, your unsecured printing devices may lead to data breaches and stolen information that may cost thousands to get back.


IT Hours

In many office environments your IT team is considered the “first responder” for all printer related issues. Relying on your IT personnel to diagnose and repair the issues is a waste of your resources. Think about it this way, up to 50% of IT/Helpdesk calls are printer related, when you consider the average salary of your IT team members how much money and time is your company spending on printer maintenance? Your IT team is not skilled in printer repairs, so let them focus on what they’re good at, keeping your networks secure and your employees functional, by finding an MPS provider that can provide both over the phone and onsite support when needed.

An organization’s printer fleet often forms the backbone of several business-critical processes. Now is the time to put some thought into your print environment and search out a managed print services provider that can refine your print environment, reduce costs, and increase productivity for your organization.