Do you take comfort in being read to? Have you realized reading and driving isn’t worth the risk? Are you looking for a way to increase your productivity?

The Xerox Audio Documents App, for your Xerox ConnectKey® Device, is the solution that will keep you moving quickly and help you multitask more efficiently. Built for the road warrior, commuter, multitasker, and audio lover – this app will transform the way you work.

What is the Xerox Audio Documents App?
This application converts hard-copy content into an MP3 format audio file in just three easy steps:


Performed on your Xerox ConnectKey® Technology-enabled multifunction printer (MFP) or from your mobile device. This app enables on the go mobility, for all of your documents.


How the Xerox Audio Documents App Transforms the Workplace

With the Xerox Audio Documents App, you can go wherever, whenever and still have quick access to your documents. This turns commute time into valuable “get work done” time. Or workout time into “meeting prep” time. Start to take your time back by increasing your ability to multitask.

With the audio document app, you put text in and get audio out, adding convenience for every person in every department. Whether you just enjoy being read to or are looking for a way to be more mobile, this app will provide your workspace with an option to utterly optimize your performance.