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How-To Videos

Do you need help using your new device? Check out the following videos below to learn how to get started with your Xerox device, how they operate, and tips and tricks to make your experience easier.

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Billing Meters

Controller Overview

Power On/Off

Replacing Toner

Replacing Drums

Replacing Staples

Cleaning Glass

Clearing Paper Jams



VersaLink Controller Product Tour

Power On/Off

Product Tour

How To Fax

C400/C500 Product Tour

VersaLink C500, C505, C600 and C605 Supplies Tour

VersaLink C500, C505, C600 and C605 System Overview

VersaLink C500, C505, C600 and C605 Product Tour

VersaLink B600, B605, B610 and B615 System Overview

VersaLink B600, B605, B610 and B615 Product Tour

VersaLink Controller Control Panel Errors and Alerts

Customizing Home Screen



Getting Started Brochures

AltaLink B80xx Getting Started Guide

AltaLink C80xx Getting Started Guide

VersaLink B400 Getting Started Guide

VersaLink B405 Getting Started Guide

VersaLink B615 – B605 Getting Started Guide

VersaLink C70xx Getting Started Guide

VersaLink C400 Getting Started Guide

VersaLink C405 Getting Started Guide

VersaLink C605 Getting Started Guide



Xerox Knowledge Base Links

AltaLink B80xx

AltaLink C80xx

VersaLink B400

VersaLink B405

VersaLink B615

VersaLink C70xx

VersaLink C400

VersaLink C405

VersaLink C605