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Cost Management Software & Print Security

Reduce your office expenses with better print management.

Save Time and Reduce Your Office Expenses

Today, most business operations are looking to automate various aspects of their business in order to optimize. At MRC, we understand that print production workflow can have a significant impact on your bottom line. That’s why our cloud-based printer technology seeks to save you time and labor and cuts the cost of print production.

Cost Management & Print Security

Through our cost management and print security programs, you can implement and automate your office printing processes to lower your printing costs.

We help you save in several meaningful ways that include:

Enjoy higher volumes and expanded offerings thanks to web-to-print and variable data printing with our Xerox printers. Your team is able to work seamlessly and with more flexibility when they’re no longer limited to working within proximity of the printer. Even if you’re separated by countries, your team is more connected than ever.

Each step of the printing process can cost time, money, or both. That’s why we seek to automate as many printing processes as possible—from file conversion to job ticketing. This results in faster, economical printing without sacrificing consistency or quality. Also, since fewer people are involved, you reduce the likelihood of human error messing up one of your critical tasks.

There are several steps you can take to ensure that your business’s printing operations are working efficiently. Set page limits, limit color printing, stop excessive or unnecessary printing in a way that is customized to your business. MRC helps you find new efficiencies so that you’re continuously improving.

A traditional printing operation is heavily labor-intensive. When you switch to a cloud-based system, you dramatically reduce the need for manual labor.

In the past, if your printer, server, or network went down, your business operations would stall since you were unable to print the materials you needed for day-to-day operations. When you move to a cloud-based solution, you no longer have to worry about server or network failures interrupting your business flow.

Cost Management & Print Security

A Printer Breach Can Cost You

According to Global Print Security Report, 60 percent of organizations in the U.S. England, France, and Germany have experienced a print breach, with more than half of them occurring in less than minutes. The data loss from these breaches cost their respective companies, on average, an upwards of $400,000. Factors that create such exorbitant costs include:

Even if you just suspect a printer breach, you may be required to hire experts to perform a forensic examination to figure out whether or not a breach occurred, how it may have occurred, and to what extent.

Depending on the state you operate in, if a breach does occur, you’re legally obligated to notify both the state attorney general as well as customers who had their data compromised.

If the forensic investigation shows that you were not compliant with industry regulations, you may have to pay several fines.

If customers don’t feel like your company is taking its security seriously, they may choose to bring their business to a more trustworthy competitor.

When you’re scrambling around trying to mitigate the problems caused by a data breach, you’re spending time and resources that would otherwise be used to keep pushing the business forward.

Cost Management & Print Security

Secure Your Printing Network

At MRC, we take printer security seriously. That’s why we equip our products with several secure print features—to protect your organization’s most sensitive data:

Never lose confidential documents or leave them unattended again. With secure printing, you can ensure that your content is securely sent over to your chosen printer and then only printed out when you enter a passcode or show your ID card.

Our printers can automatically electronically shred documents that have been sent to the hard drive for printing. You can set electronic shredding to be done by a schedule, after every print job, or manually.

Keep your confidential and important documents from being intercepted or read as they are sent from your device to the printer.

Your administration has the power to grant or deny access to users for various printing functions.