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MRC 360 App

Learn how to use our free, easy-to-use, full-service 360 App.

Track, monitor, and maintain all your printing equipment automatically.

With MRC, your business will never run low on any printing supplies and we empower you with the information you need to minimize your printing costs and decrease waste.

MRC 360 App

Our full-service 360 App helps you transform your business’ printing processes and ensures you never fall behind on device management:

Continuously monitor your printing habits with our monthly reports sent directly to your inbox. Forget about tracking your volume, paper count, or supply usage. MRC will track all your printing automatically through our 360 App so that you can save on printing costs.

No need to submit any reports. Our automated meter readings can track all this information remotely. We will send it through a monthly report cycle, so you can see what your company spends on printing and print management.

You won’t ever need to worry about toner or supply usage ever again. MRC will track toner usage and get you a refill automatically. Never run out of toner and track all your spending in-app.

If your printer runs into a problem we can help you fix it immediately with our device management services. No need to wait for a dedicated member of our team to come out and remedy an issue. Our 360 App can get to the source of the problem right away and we will provide you guidance over the phone.

Whether you work with Xerox equipment or not, we have you covered. If you partner with MRC for any service, we provide you with full access to our 360 App so that you can monitor your usage and get the most out of your equipment.

Stressing About Meter Readings is a Thing of The Past

MRC 360 App

There’s nothing worse than having a perfectly good printer, but no toner to let it do its job.

With the MRC 360 App, your devices automatically send us usage reports for all of your networked printers and copiers. This way we can ensure accurate billing and shipments, and we can alert you to low ink or toner. Because it’s all on auto-pilot, you never have to step away from your desk.

  • Never again run out of toner right before a massive print job. We will automatically send backup when your printer or stock runs low.
  • Lower your monthly spend and your business’ overhead. Our detailed reports will let you track how much toner and paper you are using each month.
  • Never overpay. We take billings seriously. Our innovative app will make sure that you are always paying the right amount by tracking your supply usage easily and accurately.

We take care of all your toner needs by cross-checking your printer’s toner levels with your office’s stock. When you need toner we can automatically fulfill an order or send you a notification that you are running low.

MRC 360 App

How Much Does Your Office Print?

Dig into your business’ analytics to discover printing trends with our automated reports delivered directly to your email. Customizable to your company’s needs, our reports will show you which of your devices are used most and if there have been any changes in your business’ printing trends. We can help you:

  • Track all your costs automatically
  • Fulfill any order with the touch of a button
  • Diagnose problems through the app and get help over the phone immediately
  • See individual equipment usage
  • Monitor how your business printing needs evolve
  • Increase the lifetime value of your equipment

Our 360 App provides all the transparency and on-demand features your business needs from its printing and IT services. When you partner with MRC, your company will always know exactly how much you are spending and whether your equipment needs attention.