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Infrastructure, Cloud, and VoIP Solutions

Integrated Solutions that allow you to focus on running your business.

Reduce Costs, Increase Profits, and Limit Business Risks with Infrastructure Support

The demands and challenges your IT department faces change on a daily basis. MRC helps you optimize your IT department by functioning as either a complete IT department solution or a seamless extension of your operation. We offer an IT solution that fosters greater stability and increased employee productivity. This benefits your business in a number of ways, including:

  • Provide your clients with better services – Your IT department should always be striving to improve customer experience by including tools, service offerings, and software that improve client engagement.
  • Increase productivity – When your technology solutions are operating in harmony, you maximize productivity, improve company-wide communication, and allow for greater visibility over all your IT infrastructure.
  • Better data management – MRC provides you with a range of software and cloud infrastructure tools that make your business more agile and more readily able to respond to client needs.
  • Server optimization – The physical infrastructure of your data center plays a significant role in your company’s success and security. MRC is constantly seeking ways to optimize server performance by investing in energy-efficient technologies such as cooling and monitoring.
Infrastructure, Cloud, and VoIP

When you work with us, you free up your staff and give them the opportunity to focus on their strategic roles within your organization. To accommodate your specific needs, MRC offers three levels of support:

The first tier offers clients a range of infrastructure support services. With proactive network monitoring and management, our TIER 1 support provides a dedicated SOC, supporting you 24/7 and reducing the burden on your internal team.

MRC acts as the front-line of defense for your internal IT teams, handling all initial threats. Tier 2 provides you with 24/7 monitoring, daily security alerts and the option to handle your threats or to allow your IT team to resolve the issue.

Quite similar to Tier 2—the only difference is your IT team acts as the front-line of defense and we’re in the support seat, providing alerts and access to our security experts to help you troubleshoot issues.

Design, Build, and Operate Your Cloud Infrastructure with Help from MRC

Infrastructure, Cloud, and VoIP

Creating your own cloud infrastructure can be a difficult and costly venture. Even if you have an IT staff that is capable of handling the task, you might face several challenges, including:

  1. Security issues
  2. Cost management and containment
  3. Lack of resources/expertise
  4. Governance/Control
  5. Compliance
  6. Managing multiple clouds
  7. Performance
Infrastructure, Cloud, and VoIP

Let us manage the time and resource commitments so you can focus on your business. By leveraging our cloud outsourcing solutions, you enjoy several benefits, including:

We already have the infrastructure set up with our state-of-the-art data centers—exclusive to your organization. This provides increased security and control over your operations.

If you have an issue, our team is on standby ready to work with alacrity in order to resolve critical issues in real-time. We seek to mitigate risk by addressing small problems before they worsen.

We seek to maximize application efficiency and meet all critical compliance requirements.

Get Seamless Voice and Video Conferencing With VoIP Service

Your team spends a significant amount of time on the phone. From discussions to sales to conferences, business runs through your talk technology. And now, there’s a better communication solution for your team—Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or IP Telephony.

Whether your team is in the room, down the hall or in an office across the globe, our voice over IP (VoIP) technology enables frictionless voice and video communication from any desktop, mobile device or conference room.

Infrastructure, Cloud, and VoIP

Reasons why more businesses are increasingly turning to VoIP include:

  • Lower costs
  • Increased accessibility
  • Complete portability
  • Better scalability
  • Multitasking support
  • Advanced features for small and large teams
  • Clearer voice quality
  • Softphone flexibility

Let us help your business optimize its workflow by empowering your employees to communicate quicker and more efficiently, no matter where they are.