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Managed Security

Complete network security management that reduces costs, increases compliance, and eliminates risk.

Get The Network Support You Need to Protect Your Business From Cyber Threats

Cybercrime is now the world’s largest criminal growth industry. And this problem isn’t getting better any time soon. The Herjavec Group’s Official 2019 Annual Cybercrime Report, predicts that cybercrime will cost companies around the world approximately $6 trillion by 2021—a 100% increase from 2015.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is big or small—cybercrime negatively impacts companies of all shapes and sizes, and few transgressions can create as much long-term damage or chaos as a data breach.

With complete IT coverage, MRC is the perfect security solution. Functioning as a security operations center (SOC) or as an extension of your current IT department, we provide 24/7 support, monitoring, and maintenance of your firewall and network security management. This ensures that your business and its customers are safe and secure from any and all cyber threats.

Even one intrusion could cause significant and irreparable harm to your business. The ramifications include but are not limited to:

Loss of reputation and consumer confidence

Legal issues

Business interruptions

Costs to fix the issue

Costs of repaying damages

Loss of capital and assets

Service Features

Managed Security

The evolving cyber threat landscape puts your sensitive data, company standing, and profitability in constant jeopardy. Your IT security defenses failing for even an instant could open a window for nefarious agents.

To counter the threat, prevent an intrusion, and identify risks, it’s vital to have a grasp on your devices’ configurations and a clear understanding of how your employees, customers, and applications interact with and access data. We work hand in glove with you to determine exactly how your system operates and where it’s most vulnerable.

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Managed Security

Because the threat is constantly changing in response to the preventative actions of IT security practices, you need a partner who understands the digital terrains and netherworlds intuitively. With MRC, you can rest easy knowing you have a security platform that protects your business in more ways than one:

We work proactively to prevent attacks that are difficult to detect by using a range of powerful security tools such as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

Our automated reports help you reduce the cost of preparing for compliance audits. They give you a comprehensive snapshot of what’s going on and what’s being done to prevent intrusions.

Because you face threats around the clock, you need to review and fortify your IT security on a daily basis. Every day, the MRC security team performs routine checks, scans, and responsive actions, saving you time and resources.

The moment our system detects a threat, we act. When seconds lapsed could mean the difference between a massive breach and a failed break-in, it’s critical that you have a team with an immediate emergency response.

Since the threat is endlessly evolving and adapting, it’s essential that your system and software is always up-to-date. We ensure that your IT is prepared for all cyber risks.

There are all manner of industry-related compliance and security measures you need to uphold. Whether you need to abide by HIPAA, PCI, or FFIEC, our service lends you a hand when it comes to compliance maintenance and reporting.

With MRC, you receive improved and steady protection for all IT devices such as servers, desktops, and IoT.

Managed Security

Service Levels

No two businesses are alike—nor are the threats they face. Whether you need someone to manage the entirety of your IT security, or simply need assistance, MRC offers three levels of flexible support coverage:

Proactive network monitoring and management, our Tier 1 support gives you a dedicated SOC, supporting you 24/7 and reducing the burden on your internal team.

Acting as a front-line of defense for your internal IT teams, Tier 2 provides you with 24/7 monitoring, daily security alerts and the option to handle current threats or to allow your IT team to resolve the issue.

TIER 3 is similar to TIER 2 except your IT team acts as the front-line of defense and we support them, providing alerts and helping you troubleshoot issues.