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Cloud Integration Services & Solutions

Enable your employees to print and scan from anywhere in the world with Cloud Integration and the MRC cloud services platform.

Cloud Integration Offers a New Way to Manage Your Workload

Migrating your print management to a cloud platform provides you with an opportunity to optimize your business in a cost-effective and concrete way. With cloud services, you’ll discover new opportunities for automation, ePublishing, and document management.

Cloud Integration

There are a number of reasons why your business should consider a cloud solution, the most important being:

When you rely upon cloud computing, you put your business at an advantage, making your outfit more agile in the process. Your needs—both on a micro and macro scale—change daily, you need a print solution that gives you the flexibility to scale devices, users, and printers without worry.

When using computing services via the cloud, employees can print from wherever they are on practically any device, including their mobile devices. This allows your team to work wherever and not be limited by physical proximity. Your admin team can monitor, access, or update print services on the fly in order to comply with departmental rules or regulations.

Thanks to Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology, your team can print or scan important documents from anywhere in the world. Plus, your team will be able to access data files, request and submit print jobs, all from a simple and easy-to-use online portal. This gives you a wide range of tools to handle simple tasks via cloud applications while remaining cost-effective.

When you choose MRC’s cloud services platform, you don’t have to sacrifice security for convenience. Our cloud integration allows you to print and scan from anywhere in the world without compromising data security.

It’s important that we all play our part by doing everything in our power to reduce our environmental footprint. When you undergo your digital transformation and move your business applications to the cloud, you will limit your carbon footprint dramatically.

Cloud Integration

Get Your Business Connected to The Cloud

Get connected with products and solutions from MRC and enjoy immediate, built-in support for services like Google Cloud Print, DropBox, and Office 365. Whether it’s for better workflow, improved security, or effective communication, MRC can help you get ahead of the competition by connecting your business to the cloud platform.

When you add cloud printing to your arsenal you’re able to:

You and your team gain access to a printing portal that is simple, intuitive to use, and secure. Your workforce can request and submit print jobs from wherever they are.

Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology offers you the freedom and flexibility to print and scan in or out of the office. This is just one of the various cloud computing services or resources available.

MRC partners with you to integrate all of your current systems into the Cloud infrastructure, allowing you to gain secure access to your business files from anywhere

Cloud Integration is the Better Way to Print

Cloud Integration

When you integrate your current network with cloud-based solutions, all that software moves into cloud storage, which reduces the likelihood of a server or network failure being the cause of business interruption. By bundling all of these tools and services in the cloud, you create easy and cost-efficient ways to improve day-to-day tasks. MRC’s cloud integration services let you take your business resources to an entirely new level.