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Mobile & Secure Printing Solutions

Print important documents securely no matter where the world takes you.

Print Documents From Anywhere in The World

The digital age and the expansion of the Internet of Things has changed the way we work, collaborate, and interact. Not only that, but it’s also altered where we work. The additional freedom provided by cloud-based technologies has made it so companies can collaborate seamlessly from satellite locations across the world. And thanks to Xerox’s cutting-edge mobile printing solutions, your team can now also add wireless printing to the list.

Mobile & Secure Print

Today’s mobile printing can be done in a variety of ways with Xerox® ConnectKey® Devices, including:

Employees can utilize Google Cloud Print or Apple AirPrint to send hard copies to their printer whether they’re on the go or in another room.They can do this directly from their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Users with access to cloud printing services can use their wireless device to print from anywhere in the world.

Printing on the go from your smartphone is as easy as sending an email to your desired printer.

If you wish, you can set up wireless printing portals for your business that select users can access from their wi-fi network, printing from anywhere they are.

Mobile & Secure Print

Enable your team to print safely and securely wherever they are with Mobile Print from MRC. Utilizing Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology and MRC’s cloud printing solutions, you can use your mobile device to wirelessly print any document from any location. This creates several tangible efficiencies and benefits for your business, such as:

Gone are the days where you had to print out all of your documents ahead of time. Now, you can save money on both paper and ink since you don’t print until you need to.

At the end of the day, portable print solutions provide both your team and your clients the convenience of accessible printing that isn’t dependent upon location. Just download the mobile printing app, make sure you have Internet connection, and print directly from your iOS or Android device.

Similar to cost savings, the ease of mobile printing makes it so you don’t have to print every possible document you might need for a meeting. Instead, whether you’re in your home office or giving a presentation at a client’s headquarters, you can wirelessly print when you need it.

If your industry deals with a steady influx of customers, today’s mobile printing can give your customer service an additional edge. Should they need to print anything, they are able to easily access your devices.

Mobile printing solutions prevent holdups caused by the need to print a hardcopy document. So, wherever your team goes, they are able to do their job without fear of being impacted by their location.

Delay Print Jobs With a Secure Authentication Code

Mobile & Secure Print

Whether you work in education, healthcare, law, or any industry which relies upon communication, you likely deal with hundreds of documents containing sensitive information every day. And, often, they need to be printed out, reviewed, shared, and/or signed. From confidential personal health records, to legal contracts, to proprietary business information, such documents need to be kept secure.

One security vulnerability that many businesses neglect to consider is their printing tray. How so?

  • Employees print documents. They then sit in the tray available for anyone to pick up and read.
  • Employees mistakenly send their documents to a different printer that’s in their network.
  • Multiple documents are sent to the same printer from multiple parties, and all of the documents are accidentally gathered by one of the parties.

In any of these situations, you needlessly expose your business, and, more importantly, your clients to a security breach. And just one breach could spell disaster. However, with Secure Print, you need to enter an authentication code prior to the document printing.

Mobile & Secure Print

Secure printing is just one of the many ways that MRC and Xerox work with your business to keep you safe and secure. Other product security features included with Xerox printing devices are:

  • Image overwrite
  • Data encryption
  • Embedded fax
  • User Authorization
  • Xerox standard accounting
  • Access security software page

A stolen document or printing breach could cost your business tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. At MRC, our goal is to minimize your security exposure and mitigate risk, and our Xerox mobile & secure print technology helps us achieve those goals.