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Marketing Software

Transform plain documents into dynamic marketing collateral.

Personalize Your Communications Quickly and Easily with XMPie

Developing effective marketing campaigns is a requirement for any business to attract and retain customers and effectively stimulate growth. Unfortunately, these processes can require a major investment of both time and money, potentially forcing your company to hire a team equipped with technical skills to carry out these tasks.

At MRC, we provide the marketing software every business needs to develop a personalized, multi-channel marketing strategy with limited investment.

We don’t just offer industry-leading print management technology, but the full scope of Xerox marketing software. Our offering will allow you to capture the attention of potential customers with personalized communication and content production, so your business can continue to grow and bring in new customers.

  • Automate all of your marketing processes so that you can focus on business strategy and growth.
  • Design effective content quickly to target your customer base and attract new customers.
  • Develop a consistent message across marketing channels.
  • Monitor and evaluate the results of each marketing campaign easily.
  • Integrate digital and print campaigns to enhance targeting processes.
  • Deliver your campaigns automatically by incorporating our marketing offering into your IT systems seamlessly.
  • Access Xerox’s digital hub and cloud printing technology to create on-demand campaigns and targeted content.
Marketing Software

Marketing software with MRC means that your business can accomplish the full range of marketing tasks internally and cost-effectively.

XMPie software will enable you to develop, manage, and track your entire marketing campaign across various media types. Access the full range of XMPie software tools to create dynamic campaigns that will help your business grow. With MRC, you can immediately enhance your business’ marketing effectiveness and deliver results across omnichannel platforms.

When you utilize MRC, you can:

Realize any printing task with variable data printing capabilities.

Personalize your digital media and create an effective presentation and design.

Work with a range of content creation platforms that are easily integrated into our software package.

Fully customize your content and track your marketing campaigns through every stage.

Merge your content into your business’ existing APIs.

Streamline review processes to ensure your campaign is as effective as possible.

Marketing Software

Partnering with MRC will transform your business’ marketing strategy.

Not only will you immediately be equipped to create more content and manage that output effectively, but you’ll also stimulate growth and improve operational efficiency across the board.

Plus, every member of your team can effectively utilize our software through its simple interface and suite of tools. Our support team can provide assistance and training anytime, so everyone in your business is on the same page and ready to successfully leverage the marketing software package.

Marketing Software

Transform Your Documents Into Strong Marketing Materials

With XMPie Software, your marketing processes are simplified. This allows you to add personal touches to all your documents without requiring special design skills.

  • Add templates and use drag-and-drop tools to create personalized content.
  • Work across print, web, email, and text campaigns.
  • Automatically deploy a multi-channel campaign that can be customized for each individual target.
  • Allow your team to access content securely from any location.

The application of marketing software to your business will allow you to connect with your audience quickly, efficiently, and automatically to conquer your key business challenges. Your company will immediately reap the benefits of our marketing services, transforming business processes and increasing efficiency across activities.

  • Stimulate business and revenue growth by developing coordinated marketing strategies with limited investment.
  • Enhance the efficiency of your day-to-day operations by allowing your team to focus on creativity instead of administrative tasks or document production.
  • Create diverse types of content hassle-free.
  • Combine a full software and hardware package to generate your marketing plan in-house.

Additionally, partnering with MRC will decrease security risks by funneling your marketing initiatives through a secure, cloud-based network, allowing your team to realize all of its marketing goals from any place, any time.