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Xerox App Gallery

Get the industry’s most flexible workplace productivity apps so you can work smarter, save time, and get things done your way.

With Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology, You Have Access to an Ever-Evolving Gallery of Apps

Connect your team through Xerox® ConnectKey® enabled devices and streamline the way your business handles critical information. With a customizable app gallery that allows you to add, delete, or swap tools—even those from 3rd party developers—you’ll have everything you need to adapt as your business evolves.

On your technology-enabled devices, you get instant access to hundreds of apps that improve workflow, user experience, and augment your printer’s ability to print, scan and fax. There is a wide assortment of free and paid apps, made by both Xerox as well as third-party Xerox partners. So, if there’s something you’ve been trying to do with your printer but haven’t yet discovered how there’s likely an app that can help you accomplish that goal.

A Variety of Apps For Your Ever-Changing Needs

From education to healthcare and legal to finance, the Xerox App Gallery offers a variety of apps that allow you to scan, fax, and print any document to help you simplify workflows and improve communication. Some of our more popular app categories include:


Because workforces are often on the move, you need to be able to print on the go and ensure that doing so is convenient, simple, and secure. Our mobile printer apps are:



Send an email with any attachments that you want to be printed. Enter your password into the app in order to release the printed material.


Xerox Mobile Link App

Allows you to scan, fax, and print from your tablet or mobile device. “Capture it, manage it, send it.”



Both elementary and higher education have a variety of needs. We have apps that can help improve workflow, test for plagiarism, or even auto-grade. Because workforces are often mobile, you need to be able to print on the go and ensure that doing so is convenient, simple, and secure. Our mobile printer apps can:


Connect for Blackground

Improve collaboration and make it easier to upload and save documents into Blackboard. The app can be used to scan class assignments, tests, and papers, and automatically sort and store them.


Connect for Remark® Test Grading

Remove the manual, time-consuming process of grading test scores on bubble exams with our grading app on your ConnectKey® Technology-enabled MFP. Now, generating test scores only takes a few seconds, so you can spend less time on menial tasks, and more time with your students.


Proofreader Service

Automatically checks for grammar, plagiarism, spelling, and writing style.


Connect for Moodle

Enhance the way you educate and the way students learn with our Connect for Moodle LMS App. Easily digitize hard-documents such as notes, tasks and assignments, giving students the ability to stay on track and teachers the peace of mind to consolidate all moving pieces of the class curriculum.



Automate daily work tasks in order to increase productivity, operate more efficiently, and cut costs. There are dozens of apps that optimize workflow, including:


Connect for Salesforce

There’s no longer a need to manually enter data into your CRM. Now, you can instantly digitize and organize all of your critical documents.


Connect for QuickBooks

This app lets you prepare, edit, and submit expense reports directly from your printer.


Connect for Concur

What if expense receipts could route themselves? Now they can! With two simple steps, this app allows you to scan multiple receipts directly into the Concur expense system, preview and submit.


Connect for NetSuite

Instantly scan and print the documents you need to and from your Netsuite ERP system. Find the documents quickly with single sign-on and built-in intuitive search capabilities.


Forms Manager

Manually sorting and routing forms takes time and energy. Implement “intelligent routing” into your company’s workflow by auto-routing forms to the appropriate destination with a touch of a button.


Scanning App for DocuShare

Keep your business processes humming with this app, which allows you to scan documents directly from your MFP into workflows on a designated DocuShare site.


Connect App for DocuSign

Keep projects moving without the wait by streamlining your approach to DocuSign. Sign, scan and send to the appropriate recipient directly from your multifunction device.



Security protocols are important, but ones that take too much time force people to avoid them. The integration of XMediusSENDSECURE’s file exchange platform with your multifunction device allows you to securely scan and send documents at the touch of a button.



This app allows all printed documents requiring editing or signature to first appear on your multifunction device. Users simply select the document within the display, edit and sign (using touchscreen functionality), archive, print and send to the appropriate destination.


When you simplify processes and secure documentation you better your ability to care for your patients. Manual processes can be removed in favor of digital ones, maximizing your efficiency in both the short and long term.


Share Patient Information

Thanks to SPI, you can remain HIPAA-compliant as you share private patient health information using this document exchange workflow. Send health records from your printer to your patients instantly and securely.



Digitize monotonous and time-consuming manual processes. Keep legal documents safe and secure while still modernizing.


Xerox® Auto-Redaction App

Automatically remove confidential and personally identifiable information from legal documents in seconds.


Connect App for DocuSign

Scanning and printing from your DocuSign account is simple and cuts out time-consuming steps.


Connect App for Clio

Say goodbye to time wasted hunting down files and misplacing information. With this app, you can scan and print legal documents directly to and from your Clio account — so you can focus on the work that matters most.


Connect App for iManage

Simplify the way your legal team prints and stores documents by digitizing hard-copy case files and other legal information directly to and from your iManage Account.


Take your ability to communicate to an entirely new level. Whether you’re working with international clients and need a document translated or an email scanned, there’s an app for that.


Xerox Easy Translator Service

Xerox Easy Translator Service is a powerful range of translation services that range from automatic machine translations to professional translations by expert native speakers. Just scan a document on your MFP and you have the option to translate it into one of 50+ languages.


Scan to Cloud Email

If you want a free way to provide customers or traveling employees scan-to-email services, this is the app for you.


Xerox® Translate and Print App

The Xerox Easy Translator Service delivers immediate draft machine translations and access to professional translators through your Xerox multifunction printer, PC, or smartphone.


Gabi® Voice

An innovative and intuitive voice command app that allows workers to access their multifunction printer’s copying, scanning, faxing, and secure printing functions all through voice. Contact your MRC representative for more information.



Create and release custom announcements to your office through one of your ConnectKey-enabled devices, displayed through your MFP user interface. Contact your MRC representative for more information.


Mywork Digital Communication

Now you can drive your MFP with just your voice through this intuitive mobile application- no additional installations necessary. Contact your MRC representative for more information.

Cloud Connectors

With our powerful Cloud based applications and Connect-Key enabled devices, you can create more effective and completely mobile workflows to keep your business connected, secure and accessible from anywhere in the world. Scan, share, organize, and print with just a few touches and leave security concerns behind you.


Connect App for XMPie

Add a personal touch in just a tap. Create custom designs that will leave a lasting touch with your client faster than ever.


Amazon WorkDocs

Route digitally accessible documents to the appropriate folders in no time flat with your MFP device.


Connect App for Exchange Online

Quickly and securely scan documents to anyone on your contact list- no matter where they are.


Connect 2.0 for Box®

Store, share, scan, and print documents to an individual or shared Box account in just a few taps.


Connect 2.0 for Dropbox™

Store, share, scan, and print documents to an individual or shared Dropbox Account.


Connect 2.0 for Google Drive™

Store, share, scan, and print documents to an individual or shared Google Drive Account.


Connect 2.0 for Microsoft® OneDrive®

Store, share, scan, and print documents to an individual or shared Microsoft OneDrive Account.


Connect 2.0 for Microsoft® Office 365®

Store, share, scan, and print documents to an individual or shared Microsoft 365 account.


Connect App for Evernote

Scan & print right from your Evernote account.


OptimiDoc Cloud

Easily secure, convert, and direct documents to your ideal destination on autopilot. Contact your MRC representative for more information.


End of Support Notification

Version 3.x connectors will no longer be available- effective immediately. New versions are available from the All Apps page of the App Gallery- see below for more information. Please note that these apps may cease to operate, in which case you will need to upgrade to the new chargeable versions above.


With your multifunction printer, you can quickly and easily convert any of your important files or documents directly into digital assets. Save space, costs, time, and uncertainty by converting any or all of your physical files to digital.


Xerox® Easy Translator Service

Receive instant translations of critical business documents by simply scanning on one of your ConnectKey enabled MFP devices. The service is completely cloud-based and is compatible with over 50 languages. Contact your MRC representative for more information.


Xerox® Note Converter App

Convert your handwritten notes to digital, editable, and shareable files quickly and easily through Google AI technology.


Audio Documents

Now you can listen to your files on the go with a simple translation from digital to MP3 file. Just scan, transform, and hit play!


Capture Point

Convert paper documents into digital, editable Word or Excel files in seconds and share them with your team just as quickly.


OptimiDoc Cloud

Easily secure, convert, and direct documents to your ideal destination on autopilot. Contact your MRC representative for more information.


Faxing is still considered a critical business function and is often still legally required. Now you can reduce costs, improve security, and deliver a more consistent faxing experience across the board with our digital fax apps or partnerships.



Ditch your expensive analogue phone lines for a simple digital fax solution that allows you to easily fax your documents through the XMediusFAX Cloud service or On-premise server. Contact your MRC representative for more information.

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