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Refurbished Xerox Printing Equipment

Save money and update your office with certified pre-owned equipment from MRC.

The Equipment You Need At The Price You Want

Do you have big printing needs but a tight budget? For businesses that can’t devote a significant portion of their budget on buying the newest hardware, but still demand high-quality and resolution imaging, MRC offers a wide selection of Certified Pre-Owned printer technology at an unbeatable price. Each model is tried, tested, and built to last. No matter the size of your business or its budgetary restraints, we’re confident we can help you get the top-notch printing technology you need without having to spend a fortune. 

Certified Pre-Owned

Even on a tight budget, we have the perfect solution to upgrade your business’s office equipment.

Benefits of choosing a certified pre-owned printer include:

New printers come with the latest and hottest technology. Yet, Pre-Owned Certified printers still offer cost-conscious businesses a wide range of features and capabilities. You invest in powerful technology that’s capable of handling all your printing needs.

Instead of letting a perfectly good multifunction printer go to waste, put older units to work. Your team can invest in new technology while still being eco-friendly. Every MRC Certified Pre-Owned printer is guaranteed to have 75% of its operational life available, so you can rest assured that your office printer has many miles left in its tank.

When you purchase Pre-Owned Certified, you have visibility over your machine’s past usage. You have all the relevant information necessary to ensure that it’s been well-treated and serviced.

Because we offer a flexible leasing program, our customers exchange their printing equipment every few years. This benefits both the businesses who can afford to buy new as well as those who want to cut costs.

Get the latest technology at a fraction of the cost.

Each piece of equipment goes through our Certified Pre-Owned Quality Assurance Process to ensure that it looks and runs just as good as a brand new unit.

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Certified Pre-Owned

Save on Cost, Not Quality

With every Certified Pre-Owned product, you rest assured that it still has at least 75% of its operational life available, the same guarantees and protections as newer models, and is either the most current manufactured model or one generation past. 

When it comes to quality imaging, our Certified Pre-Owned devices produce stunning and vivid prints of text, graphics, and images. No matter what you print, you’re guaranteed incredible resolution and vibrant colors—all at high speeds and low costs.

Certified Pre-Owned

Industries We Serve

We cater to several industries filled with businesses that are on a tight budget but still require high-quality printers. These include:

The people operating within the local, state, or federal government have significant demands for printing services. A bill in congress or a spending package might take up hundreds of pages. A rally will require numerous posters, banners, and signs. If you’re printing or copying thousands of pages of government-related documents a day, you need a printer that will print quickly, accurately and securely.

Improve your real estate marketing efforts with a Certified Pre-Owned printer. Your brochures, flyers, presentation boards, posters, and banners have never looked as incredible.

Few jobs require fast and accurate printing services more than a lawyer. On any given day, your firm will print, copy and fax thousands of documents. MRC Certified Pre-owned printers will ensure that all of your briefs, appeals, subpoenas and various other legal documents are printed accurately and securely.

If you work in a doctor’s office or a small clinic, you deal with stacks of paperwork and scores of health records. The sheer amount of documentation within the healthcare industry requires that every office has a top-of-the-line printer capable of handling all the necessary copying and printing.

Also, since you deal with private health information, you need to know that your device and the information it scans, saves and sends is secure.

From elementary school to junior high, to high school to college, both teachers and school administrators need access to fast and capable printers. Whether for paperwork or documentation, for class presentations, homework, or teaching materials—your faculty and their students rely on their multifunctional printers to handle the rigorous demands of academia.