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Xerox Workplace Assistant

The perfect tool for your office that’s easy to use and scalable for your business needs.

Customizable and Easy to Use

When it comes to optimizing your office’s workflow, document management can be a major hurdle. Precious minutes spent tracking down errant print documents can add up over the course of a week (and especially over the year), taking time away from your business’ real priorities.

Time spent forwarding, printing, signing, and scanning documents can have the same effect. Forbes notes that companies can lose up to 25% of their revenue through their inefficient document processing practices.

With Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology, your Xerox printing equipment becomes your Workplace Assistant. This helps you boost your office productivity in two central ways:

Improve the way you work with our intuitive combination of hardware, software solutions and apps on the AltaLink and VersaLink product lines that make toggling between tasks and projects a breeze.

Xerox technology allows you to complete a job in fewer clicks, spend less time at the printer, and reduce IT call and wait times. App-driven and task-specific, ConnectKey® setup is fast and easy too, allowing even non-technical users to install with ease.

Features on the AltaLink and VersaLink product lines include:

Customizable Touchscreen

With the same functionality of a tablet, you can easily scroll, swipe, and tap your way through task-focused apps. Customize the user screen on your workplace assistant to fit your preferences by placing your most important apps and features front-and-center. Remove the features you don’t need, and modify the screen on-demand as your workflow changes.

Centralized System with Unique User Settings

With ConnectKey® Technology, IT can set network-wide printer configurations, as well as permissions for individual users. With unique logins, each user can customize their ConnectKey to easily access the apps they use the most.

Improved Security

Passcodes prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information. In a digital era, where cyber threats are increasingly common, improved cybersecurity is a must-have.

Xerox Workplace Assistant

In many offices, paper records take up precious physical space. With AltaLink and VersaLink printers, ConnectKey® Technology makes it easier than ever to move your records to a secure digital space

Stop wasting time on paper recordkeeping. Use your Xerox multifunction printer to scan and convert paper records into accessible formats including Word documents, Excel documents, and audio files. Securely stored in the cloud, these documents are easy to sync and keep track of.

If your business works across multiple countries or languages, translation services are essential—and expensive. With the Xerox Easy Translator application, scan a document in one language and instantly translate it to the second output language. Save both versions for easy access, and save money in the process.

How much paper does your office use per year? In most cases, the answer is a lot. This contributes not just to your costs, but also to environmental waste. Lower your office’s carbon footprint through digital recordkeeping solutions.

When you store your documents with the Xerox Workplace Assistant, your confidential information is protected. Digital passkeys protect your files, and advanced technology detects security breaches, alerting your IT department right away. AltaLink printers have superior security and are National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) certified.

With ConnectKey® Technology, never ask your business partners to print, sign, and scan a document again. Send and receive digitized documents, adding digital signatures with ease.

Xerox Workplace Assistant

Enhance Your Operation With Cloud Connectivity

With Xerox solutions, quickly and easily integrate your devices for cloud-connected services and applications like Google Drive, DropBox, Microsoft Office 365 and more. ConnectKey® Technology by Xerox® is intuitive, meaning it will grow and learn with access to the Xerox App Gallery, giving your device more functionality with each new application.

When you scan documents to your Xerox printer, you can upload them immediately to DropBox, Google Drive, or your desktop.

When you connect your Xerox printer with your laptop and smartphone, you’ll never have to waste time forwarding documents from Slack to your email to the printer again.

Share and print documents from wherever you are in the world. As your business grows, connect offices across cities and countries with a centralized storage system. This method of document sharing is more secure than email, protecting you and your clients’ sensitive information.