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Process Overview

Before we offer any services, we define your objectives and what you’re looking to accomplish through our program – whether it is simply identifying all of your assets or a more in-depth calculation of your monthly spend, we need to understand what you’re trying to achieve.

At this stage, we measure the core of your organization’s objectives. With this as our baseline, we can begin to identify your underutilized, obsolete and redundant assets.

Here, we deploy integrated tools and our proven techniques to analyze and map optimizations for achieving maximum workflow efficiency. This is where our MRC 360 App comes into play.

At this stage, we identify all opportunities to improve your businesses’s core practices from hardware to long-term office workflow refinement. Bottlenecks or inefficiencies are mapped to resolve in your custom blueprint. 

During your assessment, we make sure to take a bird’s eye view of  your organization’s bigger picture and confirm that your blueprint for growth aligns with your overall mission, goals and core attributes. This ensures your progress and optimizations are cohesive with your organization’s baseline.

How Well Your Company Culture Aligns With Your Technology Investments and Business Process Initiatives

Our approach combines the disciplines of Lean and Six Sigma to achieve measurable business results:

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Understand Company Culture

How well your company culture aligns with your technology investments and business process initiatives.

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Technology Deployment

The right numbers and right types of assets are in the right locations.

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Analyze Usage Patterns & Volumes

Assets are being utilized at or near capacity.

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Capture Overall Cost of Ownership

Key factors have been identified and associated with the overall cost of ownership

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Review Workflow Practices

How efficiently information flows and communication occurs.

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Examine Processes

Processes are streamlined and automated according to internal, state, and federal requirements.

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Study Sustainability Practices

Programs are established for reducing the impact your company has on the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The real magic happens at the improvement stage. Once we’ve defined your organization’s current operations and desired objectives, have measured your current cost & time outputs, and have analyzed your operation for optimizations, we can start making measurable improvements to your workflow! Ideally, we’ll reach improvements to cost & time in a matter of weeks.


The initial assessment will take less than 30 minutes. Where you’ll start seeing all the measurable improvements to your overall workflow enhancement is in the 2-3 weeks following implementation of your new optimization plan. 


The answer is yes! We designed the MRC 360 Assessment to be your fastest and most direct route to an optimized office workflow- and have helped countless offices achieve exactly that with the assessment alone. As proud as we are of that fact, we’re even more proud that the majority of those offices have become loyal customers after seeing the results we say we can deliver.


MRC, A Xerox Company, has been proudly helping our customers achieve better office Workflow processes for more than 25 years. Whereas many companies have come-and-gone, MRC has stood the test of time and now confidently offers the very best the industry has to offer thanks to our parent company- Xerox.


There’s no catch. At MRC, we’re simply so dedicated to helping our customers achieve the results they’re after when it comes to workflow enhancement, that we’re willing to help them for free. Our only hope is that once you start seeing realized results to your operations, that you’ll trust us enough to make us your partner in a brighter future in workflow.